The Lullaby Project

The Lullaby Project focuses on the use of music to support the emotional wellbeing and confidence building of children and their parents and the confidence of staff in their approach to music making.

It demonstrates the way in which active and regular engagement with music supports language development. Through working closely with parents the project is a successful catalyst in building successful relationships between schools and parents.

Our Musicians will work with up to 15 families in your setting to compose special bespoke songs for each of the children involved. They will run weekly music making settings for a wider group of children and adults in your setting.

Groundswell Arts will also offer a half day of training for your setting to support the staffs development in their own music making. Focusing on parental engagement, bespoke music making, and inclusion.

Learning Areas: Music, Speech and language, Attachment, Parental engagement with vulnerable groups, Staff development.

Target Groups: Schools, Children's Centres, Nursery's,  Families, Community Groups.

Target age: Parents and early years (older children on a case by case basis) EAL, SEN etc.

The Communication Pod

The Communication Pod uses natural resources and interactive technology, built into a child friendly environment that encourages play, exploration and constant use of verbal communication.

Our ‘Explorers’ will visit your setting and work in partnership with your children, staff and parents. Using sound and photography children will assist in recording and archiving a series of weird and wonderful natural curiosities. These objects will be stored inside the Pods special interactive cupboards.

The Pods inviting design is a space where children can feel confident to explore and express themselves in small groups. Through engagement of all of their senses the pod will inspire different forms of writing and artistic expression.

Schools can buy into the project for a single year group or as a whole school initiative.

Learning areas: Literacy, speaking and listening, science, photography, writing, parental engagement.

Target Groups: Schools, Children's Centres, Nursery's,  Families, Community Groups.

Target age: Early years, KS1, KS2

The Green Screen

The Green Screen is a multi-disciplinary arts project where children have the opportunity to create their own films or music videos. It encourages collaboration, confidence, speaking and listening and writing skills. Children also engage with behind the scenes aspects of the film process including set design and prop making.

Our ‘Film makers’ will visit your school to work in partnership with staff and children to realise their cinematic vision. We will create bespoke music videos complete with original songs, or original stories created or retold by the children in their own words.

Schools can experience a short interactive taster project or projects of a larger scale over a period of weeks, and it can be built around current topics or the schools curriculum.

The project is applicable to all age groups.

Learning areas: Storytelling, art and design, music, literacy, speaking and listening.

Target Groups: Schools, Children's Centres, Nursery's,  Families, Community Groups.

Target age: Early years, KS1, KS2

The Light Box

The Light Box is an interactive art project that invites children into a purpose built illuminated space and encourages them to explore the use of light, through a series of tactile mediums. Children will have the opportunity to invent and experiment using an assortment of torches, projections, shadow screens, glow paint, UV and interactive lighting.

‘Our inventors’ will engage the children in inventing, reflecting, painting glow in the dark pictures, playing with shadow puppets and creating giant sculptures. Whilst being encouraged to talk, tell stories, imagine and design within this safe and interactive environment.

We will use a number of materials that will encourage and inspire playful mark making and early writing. Providing a fantastic springboard for children’s literacy development.

This project is applicable to all ages, and can be adapted to suite your needs.

Learning areas: Science, Art, Speaking and listening, Literacy.

Target Groups: Schools, Children's Centres, Nursery's,  Families, Community Groups.

Target age: Early years, KS1.

Bespoke Work

Groundswell Arts work with a range of funders, partners and settings to deliver different types of projects, workshops and events.

Areas of learning: Art and design, Music, Film, Green Screen, Animation, Photography, Drama, Storytelling, Puppetry, Dance.

Target ages: Early years, KS1, KS2, Parents, Community members.

Training Packages

Groundswell Arts team is able to lead specialist inset training in the following areas
Music making in the classroom – EYFS and Primary
Film-making with children – EYFS and Primary focusing on Green Screen and Animation techniques

We can work in consultation with schools to support the development of the creative curriculum.

Or why not work with Groundswell Arts who can create an inset focused on staff wellbeing choose from a range of disciplines and let staff explore their creativity through music, drama, dance, film, art, puppetry or play.