The Communication Pod

The Communication Pod

The Communication Pod uses natural resources and interactive technology, built into a child friendly environment that encourages play, exploration and storytelling.  A canvas dome, equipped with displays, cupboards and drawers waiting to be explored, the Pod is a mobile installation, a “multi-sensory Aladdin’s cave”.  The contents can be tailored for curricular or other topics, for one year group or for a whole educational setting.

Learning Areas:
Literacy, speaking and listening, science, photography, writing, parental engagement.

Target Groups:
Schools, Children’s Centres, Nurseries,  Families, Community Groups.

Target age:
Early years, KS1, KS2

What we do

Once the Pod is set up, our ‘Explorers’ will visit your setting and work in partnership with your children, staff and parents. Using sound and photography, children will assist in recording and archiving a series of weird and wonderful natural curiosities. These objects will be stored inside the Pod’s special interactive cupboards.

The Pod’s inviting design is a space where children can feel confident to explore and express themselves in small groups. Through engagement of all of their senses the pod will inspire different forms of writing and artistic expression.

“ It is so perfect for all age groups in terms of inspiration for writing but also in terms of a child friendly space which supports their wellbeing. Some children (year 5) just lay down and said ‘I just want to stay here for ever.”
Class teacher

Boy listening to shell
A shell found in a drawer
One of our Explorers in the Pod with a family
Child coming out of Pod