Early Years song selection 1                          Early Years song selection 2                           Musical storytelling at home 

      Early Years songs with scarves                     Early Years songs with eggs                           Signing Songs with Makaton         

A Selction of Makaton signs for songs              Woodlands Park Songs                                   Making Music Song Book Mp3s    

StoryLab - Animation and Green Screen film-making

Simple Plasticine Characters download
Storyboard template download
Training Storylab
StoryLab Training Power Point PDF
Domingoes cat
Scheme of work 'Domingos Cat' key stage 5 resource download
Scheme of work 'Great Fire of London' key stage 1 resource download
Scheme of work 'Mr Gumpy's Outing' EYFS resource download

  Stop frame animation tutorial                       Green Screen Animation tutorial                

Puppet Making

How to make a Sock Puppet Instructions
How to make a sock puppet download
How to make Log Puppets
How to make a log puppet download
Making Puppets with Natural Materials and Clay
How to make a natural materials puppet download
Octopus How-to
How to make an Octopus puppet download
Fish How-To and Templates
Flappy fish stick puppet template

Invention Lab

Watch the videos and download these how to guides for home made Creative STEAM fun.

Download Balloon Car
Download catapult
Download Marble Maze
Download Rolling Number Maze
Download Rolling Feet
Download Peg table football
Download balancing sculptures
Download spaghetti towers


Music making songbook download
recycled instruments pic 1
Children's own songs book download
Sing Our Story book download