Sing Our Story Online Launch

Sing Our Story - Connecting through Personalised songs

Groundswell Arts are launching our Sing Our Story Project online.

During this time of crisis and isolation Groundswell Arts are offering the opportunity to work with one of our professional musicians to create a song with you and for you and your family in your home. This is a long established project ( formerly The Lullaby Project ) and we are excited to try to develop it in a new way. 

Sing Our Story allows you to meet with a musician to share and create a song for your child , partner , separated loved ones or whomever you choose in whatever way you choose. We have a team of professional musicians who are experienced in this way of working and a full safeguarding policy around working online. Due to the closures caused by Covid19 many of them are freelance and currently find themselves without ongoing paid employment. If you can while the venues and theatres are closed why not do what you can to support the arts to continue to thrive within our communities ? 

We will be working on a new online platform and offering you the chance to collaborate with a professional musician to create your own bespoke song which will be recorded and given to you as a lasting memory for yourself and your loved ones. 

Investing in this special experience will mean that we can keep our valuable team together over this period so we can then return to our work in schools, EY settings and nurseries which is free and inclusive and makes a difference in the lives of many young people and families. 

This programme has been running for the past 9 years, where we have composed songs for over 1200 children in the UK and Ireland. Our funders will be supporting us to continue with this work after this period but at this stage we don’t know when this will be possible. 

We have contributed positively to the health and wellbeing of many families. We believe this offer could bring music and joy to you in a unique way during this challenging time. 

Families we work with play their children’s songs for many years beyond our projects and treasure this experience. 

Check out this beautiful song for Tabitha here

Our musicians will work with you for two songwriting sessions of approx 40 minutes in length and produce a recording that will be available to download as an mp3 on a secure site , for an additional cost we can create a video with photographs of whomever the song is for. 

Your family or your separated loved one will have a lasting memory for life.

Micro song

Send us your own lyrics, poem or share some of your thoughts and feelings on our online form about being in isolation and our musicians will put this to music to create something just for you.

MP3 download and printed lyrics


Personalised Songs

Work with our musician over 2 x 40 minute sessions to share your thoughts, feelings, memories and ideas which our musician can then craft into a bespoke song that can be shared among your family and friends.

Bronze  Package – Song download and lyrics  


Silver Package – Song download, CD, personalised message and lyrics   


Gold Package – Song download , CD, lyrics and MP4 personalised slideshow from your own family photos  


We will offer a 10 percent discount as a starter offer if you book in with us before the Easter holidays. 

To discuss your needs please contact us