Our work with families

Groundswell Arts has a strong belief that parents and carers are children’s foremost educators and much of our work focuses on the inclusion of parents and carers and the wider family directly in the work.

Groundswell works with families in schools and also in the community and has a high track record with projects that support creative family learning and engagement. 

To take part in our projects in person or online please follow us on twitter for upcoming events or keep any eye out for news below.

Family Projects and Activities

Family Jams

Giles Leamans clapping hand castanets

Family Jams are an events where communities celebrate music over a tea and coffee in an inclusive and free environment.  

Aimed at families with young children, these themed sessions include a range of performances and interactive workshops facilitated by professional musicians.  

Our ‘Family Jams’ page also includes songs, story telling techniques, instruments and crafts that can be learnt and made at home.

Library Presents

Groundswell Arts has been working with The Library Presents Cambridgeshire, to create to family film making workshops using products from around the home.
The Library Presents Programme is an exciting, diverse and inclusive programme of high quality arts activities with Libraries across Cambridgeshire. 
Check out our ‘Library Presents’ page to learn to make Stop Motion and Green Screen films with materials from around the home.

Invention Lab

Activities in Invention Lab encourage , curiosity, playfulness , teamwork, patience and resilience. 

Recently launched online to families through our twitter, instagram and mailing list, this project has received some fantastic feedback and images of families trying out their ideas at home as part of their home learning.

To find out more and to download activity sheets please follow this link

We Are Here & We Are Still Here Social Distancing Festivals

We Are Here and the We Are Still Here: Social Distancing Family Festivals are 2 festivals that Groundswell Arts ran from May to July 2020 during the first wave of lockdown. 

Rather then take all of our work online we looked at ways to engage with families in our local community via socially distanced activities. 

Check out our We Are Here page to find out more about the activities that took place.

Boy listening to shell
A shell found in a draw
One of our Explorers in the Pod with a family
Child coming out of Pod