Family projects

Family Jams

Family Jams are community music making sessions that focus on children and families making music together. Events and sessions aim to expose young children and families to a diverse range of music making opportunities and genres, broadening musical horizons and offering musical progression routes.

Sing our Story

Our professional musicians can work with your family to co-write and record a special song for your child or family. This process strengthens bonds and gives you something unique for your child and family to keep forever.

We Are Here

We are Here is a series of intervention pop-up events and 1-1 arts workshops carried out in our local area during the pandemic. The project has enabled children and families to express themselves through a wide range of art forms and encouraged positivity and shared connection within the community during this challenging time.

Invention Lab

Come and try out some fun hands-on science-based activities to support learning at home. You can visit the page for video tutorials and downloadable instructions.

Dancing Together

Dancing Together is a community dance project that supports the social and emotional needs of mothers and babies, toddlers and their grown-ups.

Dance artist Mafe Toledo creates a space for participants to strengthen their connection with their baby/toddler, interact with other families and have fun via playful movement.

Story Lab

Come and enhance your creative and digital skills after school with Groundswell Arts Story Lab programme, creating films using Green Screen and Animation apps.