February projects and announcing important dates

February was quick but full of activities for Groundswell Arts team. We started Dancing Together Babies programme in Waltham Forest and Toddler’s programme in Haringey and completed our Mother and Baby dance programme in Haringey. Story Lab is currently in five partner Haringey schools.  We have launched a new project with The Minors Nursery School in West London along with Coombes Croft Library sessions in Tottenham, providing a free opportunity for families to learn green screen and animation filmmaking. And Sing Our Story continued to bring joy to families with personalised music practice across four schools and two private nursery schools this term. If you are from a school and want to find a way to reconnect with families across your school community after the impact of the pandemic it could be this is a project for you!


We have some important dates coming up-

On 8 June, as part of the MERYC seminar, we’ll be sharing the outcomes of our Youth Music funded programme Sing Our Story with special guest Dr. Jonathan Barnes.

On 15 June we’re excited to be having our Dancing Together finale sharing event with Haringey Early Years educators at Triangle Children’s Centre.

In May and June we will be launching a new project Play Labs at Welbourne Children’s Centre on May 30th, 31st June 1st, as well as at Park Lane Children’s Centre and Triangle Children’s Centre, dates to be announced soon.