Green Screen Projects

How to make a Green Screen Film Using Green Screen by Do Ink

15min overview tutorial based on the story The Rainbow Fish, to learn how to use the Green Screen film-making app, using simple puppets and backgrounds

How to use Green Screen app PDF Instructions

Book Reviews

Suggested curriculum areas: Reading and Writing KS1 KS2
Project ideas: Film Reviews
Sample content: Review of Holes by Louis Sachar
Materials: Annotated illustrations, copy of the book

Talking Photo Frames

Suggested curriculum areas: Family groups, SEND learners,
History, Art history, Politics, PSHE, Character monologues and duologues, EYFS to KS2
Project ideas: Share own work, images and slideshows, analyse art, describe historical events in a source image
Sample content: Show your test scores
Materials: Frame, photo/video of marked tests, video commentary

Living Pictures

Suggested curriculum areas: Family groups, SEND learners,
History, Art history, Politics, PSHE, Character monologues and duologues, EYFS to KS2
Project ideas: Bring still media to life and put words in their mouths
Sample content: Give the Mona Lisa a voice
Materials: Mona Lisa, rehearsed facts and interpretation

Download Example Lesson Plan

Modelboxes and dioramas

Suggested curriculum areas: Geography, History, RE
Project ideas: Place yourself inside a model or diorama that you have built
Sample content: Lego, Anderson shelter
Materials: Pre-built model building or location

Life Cycles

Suggested curriculum areas: Science KS1 KS2
Project ideas: Combine with animated cycle
Sample content: Life Cycle of a Frog
Materials: Pre-drawn life cycle

Human Body

Suggested curriculum areas: Science KS1 KS2
Project ideas: X-Ray of a body system 
Sample content: Skeleton
Materials: Photo of skeleton, respiratory system, heart etc.

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Comic Strips

Suggested curriculum areas: Literacy especially for reluctant writers KS1 KS2
Project ideas: Become a superhero
Sample content: Superhero
Materials: Cape, speech bubbles, text boxes

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Cards for all occasions

Suggested curriculum areas: Special Events, RE, a great idea for communicating with parents.
Project ideas: Duwali, Eid, Christmas, Hannukah
Sample content: Birthday Card
Materials: Make your own greeting cards first!

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TV Studio

Suggested curriculum areas: Report on any area KS2
Project ideas: Expert groups carousel to produce News bulletins
Sample content: News
Materials: Background desks

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Recent School Projects

The Great Fire Of London YR1’s

Year 1 children studying The Great Fire of London, use historical pictures, model making, fire, writing and presenting skills to develop short films about the the days before, during and after the Great Fire.

The Human Body YR1’S

A Science class explore the human body using, live action, text and images of the human anatomy

Lilian Bader – Black History Month YR5

Exploring Lillian Bader’s life and career through, research, script writing, acting, and historical images.

Macbeth – English Project YR5

Scenes and drawings from Shakespeares Macbeth

Mercury!!! – A look at our solar System YR5

A Year 5 science project looking at our galaxy

Recent Intervention Projects

Assortment of films from YR1 – YR5

An assortment of films made during one to one sessions supporting child led learning and creativity

Recent Family Projects

Assortment of films made by families

Examples of films made with families from our partner schools.

Families, worked together creating either individual or a large group films.

Previous Green Screen Project Examples

Early Years Green-Screen and Animation

Examples of green screen work from Woodlands Park Nursery School and Children’s Centre including children’s own Helicopter Stories, Core Stories and a Music Video.

West Green Primary School The Great Fire of London

Children at West Green Primary in Year 1 used Green Screen and Hot seating to imagine themselves as citizens experiencing the Great Fire of London.

Green Screen Wild Life Documentary Films

Chestnuts Primary School Year 5 Children filmed themselves talking about Animals in the Brazilian Rainforest. They combined their project with some fabulous Green Screen Puppet Making.

Pembury Airport and Early Years Family Green Screen Project

Families at Pembury House Nursery School created this Green Screen Project focused around the theme of Journeys.

Talking Photo Frame Project

In this Family Engagement Project, families shared their stories and their experiences of being new parents speaking about their love for their children at Woodlands Park Children’s Centre. This project is great for community and parental engagement.