Invention Lab: Rube Goldberg Challenge

How to Take Part in our Rube Goldberg Challenge

Recently we have been working on the development of a new project Invention Lab. Now we are all indoors it feels like the perfect time to share it with you.

RUBE GOLDBERG was a Cartoonist famous for drawing complicated contraptions and machines to perform simple tasks

Here we are exploring 3 simple tasks using things that we have found around the house or bits of scrap

Here is our video watch?v=tbTcPycTgIE

We were trying three things

* Make a Musical sound

* Get from the floor to the table

* Open the door

We are challenging you to try to perform one or even all three of these tasks by building your own Rube Goldberg Machines at home !!

If you are successful film your videos and send them to us ( Remember – no faces and with parental permission) and we will upload them to our site and social media.

For some extra inspiration watch this fantastic one here !