Who we are


   Angeline Conaghan

Angeline has been working in the Arts for 25 years, With a background in music and performing she has been actively involved in arts education for most of her career. Angeline is particularly interested in songwriting and composition and how it supports both children and adults to explore their identity and tell their stories. She has worked as a Creative Agent and consultant for the Creative Partnership’s programme, as a musician in a therapeutic context , and as a project manager, and mentor to artists in a wide variety of mediums in partnership with schools and educational settings.

In 2017 Angeline achieved distinction in a Masters degree from Leicester University in integrated practice in working with children and families. Her area of focus in her studies was around the impact and importance of music within the educational lives of looked after and adopted children.

In 2010 Angeline formed Groundswell Arts with Gareth Howells and enjoys the challenge of developing interesting creative projects, supporting younger artists, and creating new and interesting ways of using the arts to engage communities.

   Gareth Howells

Gareth has worked extensively in Theatre, Film and Television over the past 20 years. Originally trained as an actor in the Court theatre, New Zealand and then at the Poor School in London, his credits include ‘The Tribe’ ‘The New Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson’ and ‘Lord of The Rings’

Alongside his acting career Gareth has Designed both lighting and sets for theatre, and has worked as a Production Manager both on and off the west end with companies such as Oily Cart, Punchdrunk Enrichment, The Young Vic, and Complicite.

Gareth has also directed a number of short films, and worked with other artists as a devisor and facilitator

Since teaming up with Angeline in 2010 to form Groundswell Arts, Gareth has used his many Skills as a Designer, Actor, Director and Facilitator to create theatrical child friendly spaces, that use this creativity to inspire child and community lead learning. 

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