Our values

Our values


To encourage a child centred approach to creative learning that values the ideas of all children and builds on their innate creative capacity.

To promote creative learning techniques using a wide range of art-forms that encourage an inclusive approach to education and increase the accessibility of the curriculum with a goal of reducing educational disadvantage.

To recognise the wide variety of ways in which all children and adults communicate and learn and consider accessibility across our provision.

To show the value of involving parents and carers in creative educational programmes through shared creative experiences which explore and celebrate the diversity of our communities.


To reduce social isolation through creative programmes in the community.

To develop programmes which support the mental health and wellbeing of all participants building connections between people.

To encourage and empower early years and primary educators to confidently develop and use arts practices and skills in their work with children and young people.

Creative Learning

To bring awe, wonder and magic to learning and to celebrate the role that the arts have in supporting resilience, personal identity, and self-expression.

To encourage critical thinking, questioning, problem solving, and connection making through arts-based approaches to learning.


To foster a collaborative approach to developing partnerships with schools to encourage a diverse range of staff, learners, and families to participate.

To engage children and families in free creative programmes in the community and raise the profile of childrenu2019s creativity and voices.

To celebrate the ideas of our creative practitioners within our own organisation and build a network of shared creative practice and generosity amongst the teams we work with.