Dancing Together

Dancing Together is our new community dance project that supports the social and emotional needs of mothers and babies, toddlers and their grown-ups.

Dance artist Mafe Toledo creates a space for participants to strengthen their connection with their baby/toddler, interact with other families and have fun via playful movement. 

Dancing Together focuses on the physical and mental wellbeing of babies/toddlers and their carers supporting their emotional needs and strengthening attachment relationships between. It also supports community building amongst groups of parents and children, reducing social isolation and loneliness.

The project consists of two blocks, one with mothers and their babies, and the second one with toddlers and their grown-ups.

First block gives mothers a chance to reconnect with themselves and other mothers whilst spending quality time with their baby. Each week, dance artist Mafe Toledo focuses on a body part that suffers strain during early motherhood to help them find flow, unlock tension and be fully present in their new, postnatal period.

Second block focuses on young children (up to 4 years) and their grown-ups  for activates the creative side of the brain, exposing children to different movement stimuli, music and rhythms. Through a mixture of guided and open-ended activities, toddlers develop their fine and gross motor skills whilst adults get a chance to move, stretch and release. 


“Dancing Together gave me a chance to connect my mind and body, while still being close with my son. Over the month, my son grew to be more alert and wanting to participate. It was a great class that inspired me to do more movement at home.” 

Dancing Together Mother&Baby Participant

“It was lovely to have a weekly opportunity to connect with other Mums and Babies through Dance and Music – I feel healthier and happier and I always look forward to Fridays.”


 Dancing Together Mother&Baby Participant 

This class is really great for mothers to help refocus and get grounded. We carry a lot of weight after sleepless nights and this class de-stressed me. I was always looking forward to it during the week.” 

Dancing Together Mother&Baby Participant 

“A nice way to interact with other Mums and focus on strengthening body parts – one hundred percent something to look forward to!”


 Dancing Together Mother&Baby Participant

Project Gallery

Toddler and Mother at Triangle
Toddler with Mum at Triangle
Mafe Toledo leading the session