Family Jams

Funded by Youth Music Family Jams are community music making sessions that focus on children and families making music together.

Events and sessions aim to expose young children and families to a diverse range of music making opportunities and genres, broadening musical horizons and offering progression routes beyond our Sing Our Story Programme. Past events have included Irish Music, Black History, Jazz, Chinese Music, Vegetable Orchestra, Recycled Instrument making and African Drumming. Family Jams also incorporates  live zoom events and resources for families which you can access on this page.

Resources and videos

Explore a music storytelling of Jack and the Beanstalk and have fun music making at home.

A Musical Storytelling of Jack and the Beanstalk – Created by Becky Dixon of Beanstalk Arts.

This video takes children and families on a journey through the story Jack and the beanstalk and shows how you can use your home environment to make music in every room of the house. It’s a fantastic resource for home music making fun!

Walthamstow Wetlands Walking Composition

As part of our Youth Music Funded Family Jam’s Project during lockdown, Groundswell Arts teamed up with Gail MacLeod and Chiel Busscher from Soundcastle and commissioned the creation of a Walthamstow Wetlands Walking Composition. Be your own sound explorer and compose your own musical score whilst exploring the wonders and beauty of nature.
Click on the link to hear an introduction to the audio tracks and how to download them to your phone or tablet. Once you’ve downloaded the tracks and are ready to explore, pack a bag and head to the Walthamstow Wetlands for a lovely musical walk. Items that may be useful on your walk are: Pens, Pencil, Paper, water bottle, possibly a straw and a recording device.


Download Part 1 - Begin your journeysage on our Walking with Words Trail
Making log puppets at Triangle Children’s Centre Haringey
Dance workshops held at Woodlands Park Children’s Centre
Soundcastle – Our partners on the Walthamstow Wetlands project are a music based social enterprise that connects communities, enhances wellbeing and reduces social isolation. To find out more about soundcastle please visit their website.

Rainbow Hand Clappers and Shakers

During the pandemic we worked with artist Giles Leaman who designed these fantastic Rainbow Hand clappers/Castanets and shakers downloadable instructions here.



“Wonderful attachment with the family making instruments. Nice to meet new people in the community, I feel happy and welcome to be part of it and I enjoyed it with my child and others” 

Recycled instrument session Parent 2019

A reminder that people really need to be part of something and not just stay behind closed doors.

 (N a local resident and parent We Are Here events 2020)

Project Gallery

Family Jam
African Drumming with Mbila Arts
Making instruments with Giles Leaman
Black History Month Jazz Jam