Invention Lab

Invention Lab

Chain Reactions and Steam Play

Activities in Invention Lab encourage , curiosity, playfulness , teamwork, patience and resilience. We have been so encouraged to launch this project online and to receive images of families trying out their ideas at home as part of their home learning.

Prior to Covid19 we were developing a training based around Invention Lab for EYFS and primary staff but for the time being why not watch the videos and download the guides and have a go yourself at home. 


Catapult Download
Table Football Download
Marble Run Download
Number Maze Download
Balloon Car Download
Rolling Feet Download
Spaghetti Towers Download

Here we are playing with a Rube Goldberg Machine, the concept is to try to perform a simple task in a complicated way. We had to ring a bell, get the ball from the floor to the table, and open the door. Why not have a go at inventing a Rube Goldberg Machine at home and share your videos with us?