Invention Lab

Invention Lab is a creative STEAM project that supports home learning. 

Activities in Invention Lab encourage, curiosity, playfulness, teamwork, patience and resilience. 

Invention Lab uses every day recycled materials and household objects to look at a variety of scientific processes including, cause and effect, friction, gravity, weight and mass.

Each project has an easy to follow downloadable worksheet that you can make at home using items from around the house.

Or if you’re feeling really inventive try and create your own Rube Goldberg (Cause and effect machine.)

Have a go at some of these activities at home and send us pictures of you and your family having a go! 

Make a marshmallow spaghetti tower and discover your inner engineer.

Spaghetti Towers Download

Practice patience by building this homemade balancing sculpture.

Balancing sculptures download

Build a catapult with lollipop sticks and rubber bands.

Catapult Download

Creating a rolling number maze with old kitchen roll.

Number Maze Download

Try making these fantastic rolling feet with simple items at home.

Rolling Feet Download

Make a balloon car to explore wind power.

Balloon Car Download

Make your own Marble Run with straws and a box.

Marble Run Download

Create your own table football game with pegs.

Table Football Download

Build your own Rube Goldberg Machine

Rube Goldberg uses cause and effect concepts to perform simple tasks in complex ways here’s a video we made trying to create our own Rube Goldberg Machine. We had to ring a bell, get the ball from the floor to the table, and open the door. Why not have a go at inventing a Rube Goldberg Machine at home and share your videos with us.


“This was a brilliant activity that all my children could take part in together at home, even the teenager got involved thank-you”

B parent Waltham Forest

“Thanks so much for these activities it gave us so much material for our school physics day”

 Year 5 teacher Noel Park Primary School

Project photos

Marshmallow and Spaghetti towers invention lab activity at home
Experimentation with sounds using Makey Makey technology
Rolling feet activity