Lightbox is an interactive STEAM project that invites children 0-11 into an illuminated space and encourages them to explore the use of light, dark, reflection, shadow and colours. 

Children will have the opportunity to invent and experiment using an assortment of torches, projections, shadow screens, glow paint, UV and interactive lighting.

Lightbox engages learners in creative and scientific observation, investigation and experimentation.  Using a range of materials, children will be encouraged to widen their range of scientific vocabulary through creative play. The Lightbox also encourages and inspires storytelling and the creation of new worlds and the project can explore the artistic development of light sculpture, shadow puppets and transient art. 

Groundswell Arts also delivers training to support early years practitioners and teachers to develop their use of light play and will carry out a setting audit to help you create your own light room. 

Shadow Puppetry

We have also run a number of projects exploring shadow puppetry and it’s possible. You can work with a resident puppeteer to develop shadow puppetry in your setting.


We will create immersive light environments and installations to inspire play indoors and out using projection, fabric, props and lights.

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    Resources and Videos

    Shadows and Light 

    Why not have also try out some of these fantastic makes created as part of a collaboration with artists from Scribble and Smudge around the theme of Light and Shadows.

    Download the instructional Pdf for all activities.

    Video tutorial – How to create a shadow puppet theatre at home.

    Video tutorial – Create a shadowy autumnal woodland mobile.

    Video tutorial – Make a paper bag owl lantern.


    It was great to see how the children developed their confidence in telling stories over the course of the project 

    West Green Playgroup Early Years Practitioner

    “The children loved exploring the different environments and parents were able to visit the spaces and environments at the end of the week to see what the children had been doing ! “

    Alphablocks Nursery School

    “They were totally immersed in exploring the materials on offer I particularly noticed the way that it supported children with language needs and how relaxed they became”

    Teacher Welbourne Primary Finding your voice session 2017

    “Children’s language and play became very rich and animated during their experience in the Lightbox”

    Early Years practitioner Park Lane children’s Centre 2019

    Project Gallery

    Girl playing with reflection
    Houses on light box
    Caption - Children’s Own Shadow Puppetry