Lightbox is an interactive STEAM project that invites children into an illuminated space and encourages them to explore the use of light, dark, reflection, shadow and colours. Children will have the opportunity to invent and experiment using an assortment of torches, projections, shadow screens, glow paint, UV and interactive lighting

Learning Areas:
Science, Art, Speaking and listening, Literacy.

Target Groups:
Schools, Children’s Centres, Nurseries,  Families, Community Groups

Target age:
Early years, KS1, KS2

What we do

Our Inventors will engage the children in creative observation, investigation and experimentation.  Using a range of materials, children will be encouraged to widen their range of scientific vocabulary as they design, build and create sculptures, pictures, shadow plays and transient art.

Lightbox will encourage and inspire playful mark making and early writing.  This provides a fantastic springboard for children’s literacy development.

Hands playing with paints on Light Box
Painting on the Light Box
Teacher and children testing effects