Sing Our Story

Sing Our Story

Sing Our Story (Formerly the Lullaby Project) uses songwriting to support children’s early musical development and understanding, along with increasing their confidence and emotional well-being.  Outcomes also include supporting key skills like language development, building teachers knowledge and approach to music making  and creating a stronger relationship between schools and parents through active and regular engagement with music. 

Learning Areas:
Music, Confidence, Speech and language, Attachment, Parental engagement, Staff development.

Target Groups:
Schools, Children’s Centres, Nursery’s,  Families, Community Groups, EAL, SEN, Adopted & looked after children

Target age:
Parents and early years (older children on a case by case basis) 

What we do

Our Musicians will work with families in your setting to compose special bespoke songs for each of the children involved. They will also run weekly music making settings for a wider group of children and adults in your setting.

Groundswell Arts will also offer a half day of training for your setting to support the staffs development in their own music making. Focusing on parental engagement, bespoke music making, and inclusion.

For more information, please read the ‘Lullaby Report’ by Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health, Canterbury University

Due to Lockdown we are running Sing Our Story Remote 

Reaching families online and working closely with schools to continue our Sing Our Story programme. 

We have also received some direct commissions that have been made as ‘special gifts’. If you would like to discuss how to commission a bespoke song or to gift a song to someone get in touch.

‘Music specialists engage well with families and their children, sharing families’ stories through the writing of personal ‘lullabies’. This is furthering children’s strong sense of belonging, celebrating the uniqueness of each child, and contributing to their developing self-confidence and self-awareness. As a result, children are highly successful learners, able to work independently or with others successfully’
OFSTED report for Woodlands Park Nursery 2018