Story Lab

Story Lab

Story Lab focuses on digital literacy and Storytelling for children aged between 2-11 years. Story Lab uses animation and green screen apps alongside art and drama techniques to bring learning alive. Story Lab is a cross curricular programme that can support a wide variety of the EYFS and primary curriculum learning across all subject areas.  Through this programme children and staff can use technology to support all aspects of classroom learning.

From 2023-2026 Story Lab was funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundations Arts Based Learning fund for a three-year programme  in 4 Haringey Primary Schools

This work focused on teacher development, 1-1 interventions and family learning. 

Over this period of time we worked with our school partners to link the work to the computing curriculum and to support teachers to integrate this practice to showcase children’s learning across a range of classroom subjects. 

We also worked closely with teaching assistants to develop filmmaking as an effective learning tool for individual learners and small groups. Alongside this we also ran family learning projects sharing practice with parents and providing opportunities for families to make films together. 

Story Lab can be delivered as a longer In- School programme or an interactive pop-up event for a festival or school event. 

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    Project videos

    A Super Hero film – Story Lab Learning Intervention Stroud Green Primary School 2022

    The Cat and the Panda – Story Lab Learning Intervention Belmont Infants School 2021

    Year 3 Volcano films – Story Lab class based project 2022 Stroud Green Primary School 2022 

    Water Cycle films Year 4 Earlsmead Primary School 2023

    Examples of films made by teachers and children as part of Story Lab in Haringey Schools 2023-2026 funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundations Arts Based Learning Fund.

    Macbeth Year 5 Chestnuts Primary School 2021

    An example of how we taught year two science lessons with Green Screen at Belmont Infants School 2022

    A Story Lab Project at Pembury House Nursery School in 2018 working with children and families.

    Story Lab funded by The Paul Hamlyn Foundation in 2019 The Great Fire of London Year 1 classes at West Green Primary School 2019.

    Peter Pan – A film made in 2016 with students at Chestnuts Primary School Year 1.

    A Story Lab Project funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation with Woodlands Park Nursery School and Children’s Centre in 2019.


    “Staff help to deepen children’s curiosity and creativity. Children loved developing videos of their space mission and role playing their ideas about pirate stories.”

     Ofsted Report for Woodlands Park Nursery School 2023

    “I learned that the project can be as easy or as complicated as you want a project to be and what children experience and achieve is more important than the end product, as all students had an amazing time.”

     Teacher Earlsmead Primary 2023

    I watched the Year 5s take ownership – like they were their own business or corporation – they were the most confident I have seen them and organised themselves. They liked how they were learning.

    Teacher Earlsmead Primary 2023

    “I watched a 3-4 year old with SEND making connections, being involved and making connections with other children in a way I hadn’t seen her do before.”

     Teacher Belmont Infants 2023

    “Excellent practice was modelled to parents in a creative, non judgemental and non threatening way which made a huge difference particularly in managing parent’s expectations. Some of the parents initially were anxious about the intervention and were unclear as to the outcome, however this changed as the project continued and they were fully engaged and could see the difference in their child’s progress”

     Children’s Centre Manager Woodlands Park Nursery School 2023

    I watched the Year 5s take ownership – like they were their own business or corporation – they were the most confident I have seen them and organised themselves. They liked how they were learning.

    Teacher Earlsmead Primary 2023

    “Story Lab provided me with the knowledge, confidence & skill to deliver exciting lessons using IT and creativity. Parental engagement was extraordinarily improved through this process also – brilliant!”

     Teacher West Green Primary Story Lab 2019

    “Teachers have strong subject knowledge. They use this to help develop pupils’ subject- specific knowledge effectively. For instance, in computing, pupils in Year 2 used their knowledge of art and stop motion software to film their own animations.”

     Ofsted Report for Belmont Infants March 2023

    The project was amazing I really felt like I wanted to write more because I knew my script was going to be made into a film

    Year 5 Child Story Lab Chestnuts Primary School

    Project Gallery

    Students at Earlsmead Primary make their own greenscreen films based on curriculum topics 2022
    Story Lab project Woodlands Park Nursery.
    Staff at Belmont Infants are now leading their own Green Screen Projects in Year 1 2023