Story Lab

Story Lab

Story Lab is a multi-disciplinary arts project where children have the opportunity to create their own films or music videos. It encourages collaboration, confidence, speaking and listening and writing skills. Children also engage with behind the scenes aspects of the film process including set design and prop making.

Learning Areas:
Storytelling, art and design, music, literacy, speaking and listening.

Target Groups:
Schools, Children’s Centres, Nurseries,  Families, Community Groups.

Target age:
Early years, KS1, KS2

What we do

Our ‘Film makers’ will visit your school to work in partnership with staff and children to realise their cinematic vision. We will create bespoke music videos complete with original songs, or original stories created or retold by the children in their own words.

Schools can experience a short interactive taster project or projects of a larger scale over a period of weeks, and it can be built around current topics or the school’s curriculum.

“Written, performed and illustrated by the kids, they loved it.  Characters were shared so every child played a part, as well as drawing the scenes and helping to write and film. ”
Parent – Year 1 Peter Pan project

Peter Pan fights Captain Hook
Our film maker working in the classroom
Another Captain Hook in action