The Communication Pod

The Communication Pod

The Communication Pod uses natural resources and interactive technology, built into a child friendly environment that encourages play, exploration and storytelling.  

A canvas dome, equipped with displays, cupboards and drawers waiting to be explored, the Pod is a mobile installation, a “multi-sensory Aladdin’s cave”.  The Pod’s inviting design is a space where children can feel confident to explore and express themselves in small groups. Through engagement of all of their senses the pod will inspire different forms of writing and artistic expression.The Pod supports children in the early years particularly through the development of speech and language.

For older children you may be interested to explore our Forgotten Stories project  a more theatrical project for all primary ages that uses the communication pod but is as part of a theatre-based narrative to encourage and inspire children’s writing.

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    Project videos

    A film of the Communication Pod situated at Woodlands Park Nursery School and Children’s Centre includes interviews with staff and headteacher.


    “Our reception children were able to engage independently with the pod, though many were very excited to come and show the teacher absolutely everything they found (“David! Look at this!”).  Interestingly, some children excitedly looked through many objects quickly whilst others very carefully took objects out, looked at them and returned them to their places.  Children went home and told their parents about what they found, and that we had “explorers in the school.” One child in particular with speech and language need did engage very well with the pod, using (in many cases repeating) words to describe objects.  He was completely engrossed in the activity, and it was evident that he was thinking about the words he was experiencing alongside those objects.”

    Reception teacher Highgate Primary 2018

    “The Pod really captured R’s imagination, he spoke about it a lot at home, talking about the starfish and crystals and then asked to go to a museum to see more.”

    Parent Highgate Primary 2018

    Project Gallery

    Child coming out of the Communication Pod
    Parent, Practitioner and child
    Child exploring object in the Communication Pod