Read the Research Story Lab – Dr Jonathan Barnes

Over the past three years we were privileged to receive funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation  for five Haringey schools to take part in our Story Lab programme. The programme had three strands a class based strand focusing on teacher development, a family strand and an intervention strand working with teaching assistants and special needs assistants to work with smaller groups of children to follow their own interests making animated  and green screen films.  This last strand became particularly interesting to us during the process and we wanted to capture some the learning about it.

Our partner Dr Jonathan Barnes met with six teaching assistants to produce important report about this work that not only advocates for the role that these filmmaking interventions could play in supporting children’s personal interests , wellbeing and learning but secondly the value of collaborating with teaching assistants and advocating for the huge value they have in schools.

It’s a brilliant read and we are really proud of this work and are currently looking at how we take this work forward

Read the report here 

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