Groundswell Arts develops a range of projects and offers children and young people with special needs working with special schools and partnering with other organisations to offer projects to support children with disabilities and their family members to participate in high quality arts experiences.

We work closely with partners in our school programmes to ensure that our offers can be adapted for all children with special educational needs. 

Projects such as The Communication Pod and Sing Our Story have been delivered in Special Schools for young people up to 16 years of age having recently piloted these offers in secondary settings. 

Our team will work with your setting to develop appropriate resources to support your learners to engage with our programmes. 

We work with special needs specialists to train all of our freelance staff in inclusive practice.

Creative Club

In March 2023 supported by Scope Charity we were commissioned by the charity CPotential to curate a regular programme of arts-based sessions for children with primary movement disorders and their families.

Sessions take place on Saturdays and are a great opportunity for children and their families to experience the arts together in a social and accessible environment.

It has also been a great opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of artist partners and to explore new ways of working. If you would like to know more about Creative Club get in touch.


“A more caring, relaxed and professional couple of people you couldn’t expect to meet.
The result was the feeling of being in a beautiful cocoon of sound, light, and joy.

After looking after my daughter for 10 years now, I know that such spaces are few and far between and therefore so special I myself had an appointment last week and felt patronised even though, on the surface, the health professional ( in this case) was sounding very caring.

It is the choice of words, the body language nuances that one becomes accustomed to, especially when one mentions having a child or young person with complex needs. All the best, your organisation is obviously very special.”

Parent CPotential Creative Club

“It’s very welcoming and supportive. Engaging and warm with the children and parents.”

Parent CPotential Creative Club

One of our student’s is very hyperactive, often finds it difficult to sit still. He was so relaxed,the sensory aspect of the Pod and the lovely interaction with your team, made him so relaxed. It was surprising the space was so calming to him and all our students.

The Grove School 2023

“They were so keen to show others their work. They also shared more, working together to make puppets or draw. I think about 80 – 85% of the control was with them and I could see it… helped to create more passion in them.”

Dr Jonathan Barnes Story Lab interventions report 2023


Project Gallery

Families at CPotential Creative Club in paint play session with Gareth Howells
Musician Liz Liew works with families at West Lea Special School on Sing Our Story
Families at CPotential Creative Club work with artist Tinka Slavicek using clay and natural materials