Sing Our Story Expands

Since September its been very exciting that we have expanded our Youth Music Funded Sing Our Story programme into two new boroughs working in Enfield and Waltham Forest.  We have also increased the number of schools repeating the project in Haringey. We have welcomed four new practitioners to our programme this year Emily, Francine, Hugh, and Bryony and welcomed back Jess, Chiel and Liz to the fabulous team of musicians working with us.

This term we have worked with Our Lady of St Georges Infant School in Waltham Forest and Broadwater Farm Nursery, Triangle Children’s Centre, Woodside Children’s Centre, Chestnuts Primary School, and St Pauls and All Hallows primary school in Haringey.

Next term we welcome 5 new settings in Waltham Forest and Enfield to the programme along with new partner schools ColdFall and Earlsmead Primary and regular partner North Harringay.

Our relationships with the Galway Childcare Committee  also continues in Ireland beginning the programme in collaboration with the Galway Traveller movement.