Story Lab Families

We deliver Pop Up Green Screen and Animation Projects for families to get creative and tell their stories. Projects have included Haringey Libraries sessions funded by Peabody Housing, Schools Projects and Pop Up Green Screen and Puppetry projects at The Green Man Festival.

Story Lab uses iPad Green Screen and Animation apps to encourage families to get creative with filmmaking and storytelling together. We work with artists and puppeteers to bring stories to life and encourage families to create and learn together in schools, festivals and community spaces. 

It’s the combination of art and hands-on interaction with technology that makes the process special and unique and families relish the opportunity to get creative together. 

We have run Story Lab projects in schools, children’s centres, and libraries. We regularly deliver a pop up Green Screen Project combined with puppet making at the Green Man Festival. 

Little Bears Big Adventure

In 2020 during lockdown, we received some funding from The Ragdoll Foundation to create a green-screen puppet film in collaboration with Alice Searle of Tiger Boat Theatre.

The film focuses on the experiences of a group of children and families in London and a group in Portsmouth and tells of a bear who gets lost in lockdown and travels through the homes of all of the families during this period. The film gives a window into what children have both struggled with and valued during this unprecedented period. 

Enjoy watching the film and then you can download your own lockdown life PDF and colour and draw your own story of lockdown – perhaps design your own puppets too have a look at other puppet making ideas on our resources section.

Little Bears Big Adventure a film co-created by Groundswell Arts and Tiger Boat Theatre and children and families in Haringey and Portsmouth during lockdown 2020.


“Amazing! Very positive and creative. Engaged children’s imagination, ignited their story telling.”
Family Coombes Croft Library sessions 2023

“Very fun creative time, original and I cant wait to see the result. Well organised and right balance of structure and free-play. Do it again soon please”

Family St Anns Library Sessions 2023

Project videos

Video made at St Ann’s Library Project
Video made at St Ann’s Library Project

Video made at Coombes-Croft Library Project

Video made by families at Campsbourne Primary School