Animation Projects

Animation Projects

How to make an animation using Stop Motion Studio

15min overview tutorial based on the King Arthur Legend, to learn how to use the Stop Motion Studio animation app

How to use Stop Motion Studio app PDF Instructions

How to make Plasticine People 



Suggested curriculum areas: Reading all ages
Project ideas: A scene, an extract, a rewrite
Sample content: The Very Hungry Caterpillar extract
Materials: Felt characters on paper background

Life Cycle

Suggested curriculum areas: Science KS1 KS2
Project ideas: 
Animal and plant life cycles, the water cycle
Sample content: Frog Life Cycle
Materials: Pen on whiteboard, printing, bluetack

Geometric Shapes

Suggested curriculum areas: Art, Science KS1 KS2, RE
Project ideas: Shapes in living things, Life Cycles,
Rangoli patterns for RE 
Sample content: Animals and plants
Materials: Geometric Shapes on table 

Nursery Rhymes

Suggested curriculum areas: Memorising a song EYFS KS1
Project ideas: Songs, poems, fables
Sample content: Incy Wincy Spider
Materials: Playdough on card

Download Example Lesson Plan


Suggested curriculum areas: English KS2
Project ideas: Found objects, Instruments
Sample content: A Haiku written about things around you
Materials: Luggage Tag, Stationary, Instruments


Suggested curriculum areas: Measurement EYFS KS1
Project ideas: Animals, vehicles, food
Sample content: Heavier, lighter, equal with eggs
Materials: eggs, rod, 2D triangle

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Fruity Numbers

Suggested curriculum areas: Counting, Phonics EYFS
Project ideas: Counting, matching phonics and images
Sample content: Fruit, digits 1-4
Materials: Felt cut into numbers and fruit

Representing numbers

Suggested curriculum areas: Counting EYFS, Times Tables
Project ideas: Numicon, even and odd, multiples, fact families
Sample content: 1-10 buttons and rod
Materials: Lightbox, glass beads, straw


Suggested curriculum areas: EYFS counting, Maths KS1 KS2
Project ideas: Even and odd, multiples, fact families,
proving primes
Sample content: 1, 2
Materials: Numicon, lego minifigures

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Suggested curriculum areas: Fractions, Measurement, Algebra KS1 KS2 
Project ideas: Cake and tea fractions
Sample content: Pizza 1/2 1/4 1/8
Materials: Pizza and loose toppings (olives, sliced pepper, cherry tomatoes)

Clay Faces

Suggested curriculum areas: PSHE, Social stories, Art, Reading and Writing KS2
Project ideas: Exploring emotions, telling stories to explain emotions, story-telling, exploring character emotions 
Sample content: Changing faces through clay
Materials: Clay

Zones of Regulation

Suggested curriculum areas: Zones of Regulation
Project ideas: Support emotional regulation, help children to find their calming activities  
Sample content: blue emotions, behaviours causing change through zones
Materials: Coloured plates, markers

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Directions and Quarter turns

Suggested curriculum areas: Directions EYFS
Project ideas: Build on directions to explore different types of vehicles
Sample content: Go, stop, forward, left, right, quarter turns.
Materials: Matchbox cars and road carpet

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Playing with Word Stems

Suggested curriculum areas: Prefix and Suffix KS1
Project ideas: Phonics
Sample content: Suffixes of ‘play’
Materials: Photo of a slide, bluetack, magnetic letters


Suggested curriculum areas: 2D and 3D shapes Maths KS1
Project ideas: Recognising different shapes
Sample content: triangle, rectangle, circle
pyramid, cuboid, sphere
Materials: paper and playdough

Previous Animation Project Examples

Billy Goats Gruff 

A nursery small world animation

Train Ride

A nursery small world toys animation and green screen project

Domingo’s Cat

A year 5 claymation project using a traditional Brazilian Story. Children wrote their own scripts and story-boards worked in groups to animate and retell this story.

Mr Gumpy’s Outing

Children aged 2-4 animated animals on a light box to tell the story of Mr Gumpy’s outing (EYFS)

The Big Red Bus

An example of using Time Lapse animation technique EYFS to build a bus using loose parts

The Emperor’s New Clothes

A traditional story brought to life with Animation (Key Stage 2)