We Are Here Photo Trail Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to all of the young contributors who have sent photos taken by young people (and the odd parent) over the last month representing children’s experiences in lockdown, we will leave them up for the next week and will be looking to carry out some new events this month as lockdown continues. So watch this space!

This project is a partnership with artist Catherine Rive who for many years has been developing photowalks with children in local schools and nurseries. 

We have 107 photographs attached to street signs around our neighbourhood on the following roads Woodlands Park Rd , Clarendon Rd, Avondale Rd, Conway Rd and Cranleigh Rd 

It’s interesting to reflect that children all over the world are experiencing lockdown what are the differences and similarities globally for children and families? 

If you are out for a walk this week why not walk around and take time to stop and look at the images , reflect on them , and reflect on the experiences of children and families in lockdown, what are the themes emerging , what things have been important to children. 

If you want a fun activity to do with your kids around the neighbourhood we have made a fun scavenger hunt to get you to see what you might find on the trail. It will be up until the 7th of June 

It might be a fun activity to do throughout the week during home-schooling or just to change up your walk on the way to the local parks. 

We Are Here Scavenger Hunt questions 

Send us your answers to wearehere@groundswellarts.com  and we will arrange a small prize for those who manage to send us at least 50 percent of correct answers! 

  1. Can you find a cow ? Where did you find it? 
  2. Can you find two cars next to each other?  Where about’s? 
  3. How many different pictures of cats can you find on the trail? 
  4. How many different pictures of people in Masks can you find? 
  5. Can you find a picture with a Vulture in it – Where about’s? 
  6. Can you find something in a photo that looks like a heart? 
  7. How many different countries and locations outside of the UK can you find in the photos? 
  8. How many different flowers can you find? 
  9. What are the Landmarks made of Chocolate in the picture  on Conway Rd ? 
  10. Who is the world leader found in another photo on Conway Rd? 

Finally we would love to know what you thought of the trail so please send us your pictures and comments !